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Service, Expertise, Reliability



Providing Service, Expertise and Reliability to schools across Kent and the South East.

At SER, we believe that every school is unique just like the staff who dedicate themselves to supporting the development of young people, encompassing not only academic but emotional and social skills. 



Our goal is to become a leading name in the recruitment industry by working together to achieve growth, success, and happiness.


We will achieve our vision by working collaboratively with our clients, candidates, and team to ensure we are always listening.


We stay true to our principal values: Honesty, Integrity, Openness, Adaptability, Kindness.

About Us

Our commitment is to provide exceptional service to schools, colleges, nurseries and candidates.
Our recruitment process is not just about filling gaps, but it is a chance to support individuals who want to work in education and showcase their skills. Additionally, we ensure that the education settings we work with are provided with the highest quality staff to benefit pupils, schools and candidates.


Are you interested in pursuing a career in education. SER can assist you in exploring opportunities in Nurseries, Primary, Secondary and SEN Schools and Colleges? We offer a unique recruitment pathway. SER is dedicated to supporting candidates seeking career development, as well as those looking to start a new career. Let us help you find your best fit.


Nurseries, Schools & Colleges

SER provides high-quality staff for schools, nurseries, and colleges. As educators' roles have evolved significantly in recent times, we provide daily cover to permanent placements, offering personalised service to meet your needs. If you need support with staffing and want more information, please click the 'Schools' button below to access the services to schools page.

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